Changing the Status Quo of Investing with a Self Directed Retirement Account

By Laurie Bachelder, Principal, Freedom Wealth Advisors

Did you know

In 1974 the IRA was designed to be a self-directed retirement plan that provides tax deferred growth and was intended to provide the freedom to invest in an abundance of assets.  But somewhere along the way, one of the most important concepts of owning an IRA was lost, the concept of self direction and investing in assets that best suit investor. Many investors have been falsely misled to believe that the stock market is not only the best place but the only place to invest retirement money. There are many different permissible investments, investments beyond the traditional stock market which may suit different investors.  Investments such as: Real Estate, Tax Lien, Mortgage Note, Sports Teams, Businesses, Livestock, Private lending, Assets you know and understand.

The majority of qualified retirement plans can be self directed into non-traditional investments.  Plans such as …

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