MEREDA Board of Directors votes to join the No on 1 campaign organized to defeat the referendum

This fall, Maine voters will face yet another ill-conceived citizen-initiated referendum that would establish a new tax to fund a home health care initiative.   The proposed referendum would: 

* Impose a massive tax increase in the form of a payroll tax on Maine families and Maine businesses. 

* Increase taxes collected in Maine by over $300 million annually. 

* Undermine existing programs for home care services. The services will be made available to anyone, even millionaires. The benefit will go to the well-off who may more easily navigate the system, threatening to leave behind those truly in need. 

* Create a privatized board to spend these additional public resources with no public accountability. 

* Allow for turning over names of individuals receiving care to organizations that represent individuals who provide care, such as labor unions, for advocacy and Board election campaign purposes, in violation of federal privacy laws.

Citing the proposed referendum as very poorly designed policy, at its June meeting the MEREDA Board of Directors voted to join the No on 1 campaign organized to defeat the referendum. The No on 1 campaign, whose slogan is “Stop the Scam,” is working with dozens of businesses, trade associations and non-profit organizations, including the trade association that represents home care workers, to defeat this referendum. You can read the legislation to be voted upon here.

Facebook: Stop The Scam Maine

Twitter: @stopthescammaine

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