MEREDA Needs Your Support – Site Law Public Hearing Wed. March 20, 2013

This session, the Maine Real Estate & Development Association (MEREDA) asked Senator James Boyle to introduce legislation that would promote practicality in Maine’s Site Location and Development Law.  This bill would add to existing Site Law exceptions by allowing an owner of an existing Site Law project to undertake minimal additional development without triggering full Site Law review.

This proposal mirrors other exceptions already approved by the Legislature, and once development exceeded the modest exception allowance, full Site Law review would be required.  A similar process already exists for manufacturing facilities, campuses, and ski areas.

The public hearing is scheduled to be held on March 20th at 1:00 PM in Room 216 of the Cross Office Building.


Please Urge Your Legislators and the Legislators on the Environment and Natural Resources Committee to Support LD 695, An Act To Amend the Site Location of Development Laws.

We also strongly encourage you to attend the hearing and to speak in favor of  LD 695.  What are particularly compelling are real life stories where this bill would have made a difference, such as a story of time and costs that would have been foregone due to this bill or, perhaps a project that did not take place but might have with this bill on the books.

To assist you in testifying at the hearing or talking with legislators, we have attached talking points on these bills below.

Click here for Talking Points.

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