MEREDA Virtual Event – The 2020 MEREDA Index: A Discussion of the 2019 Data and a Review of Current Conditions

Virtual Event
Thursday, June 4, 2020
8:30 – 9:30 AM

Due to the unprecedented circumstances of the pandemic, MEREDA is presenting a series of free forums on relevant topics to keep members informed.  While this event is free of charge, registration is required.

Visit to register.

About the Event:

Description:  This year marks the first year that we have revised the timing of the Index so that an entire calendar year is presented when the Index is unveiled.    The current MEREDA Index contains a measurement and presentation of the real estate market in Maine, and its various components for all of 2019.   Rather than presenting the Index through the third quarter of the preceding year at our annual January Forecast Conference,  and then producing a second edition with a full calendar year of data, the Index is now presented once a year in the spring, with an entire year of data.

Because of the great changes that have occurred in a very short period of time beginning in March 2020, and because of the relevance of the 2020 data showing the initial impact of the virus, we have asked Dr. Charles Colgan, the economist who prepares the Index, to include some first quarter 2020 data in a supplement to the Index that is included in the index presentation.

After a brief conversation between MEREDA President Gary Vogel, and Dr. Colgan, providing highlights of the 2019 Index, we will then broaden the discussion to include MEREDA members from the sectors of the Index to talk about what is happening in real time.  Tim Soley of East Brown Cow will discuss the Commercial Sector, Dava Davin of Portside Real Estate Group will cover the Residential Sector, and the Construction Sector will be covered by Kevin French of Landry French Construction.

This edition of The MEREDA Index is Underwritten by Eaton Peabody and Supported by: Ducas Construction, Sebago Technics, and XPress Copy.

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