MEREDA’s Morning Menu Virtual Event – Creating New Affordable Housing through Limited Equity Housing Cooperatives

Virtual Event
June 17, 2021
8:30 – 9:30 AM

The convergence of current Maine market conditions are driving the costs of owning near urban, or desirable communities. Co-ops, and specifically Limited Equity Housing Cooperatives, are one way to battle these conditions and create new and affordable neighborhoods and buildings.

Join us on the 17th of June to discuss another hot topic in real estate development trending across the country – Cooperative Housing (CO-OPS). We have touched on cooperative housing developments in other presentations here at MEREDA, however this is a rare opportunity to sit with the Maine developer, Brian Eng of Maine Cooperative Development Partners, to learn in real time about his approved Portland cooperative housing developments and how to finance these types of projects. He’ll discuss why Limited Equity Housing Cooperatives are both desirable and pencil out. 

Andrew Reicher, Executive Director of UHAB, (Urban Homesteading Assistance Board) – a New York CO-OP non-profit that manages 20,000 units of CO-OP housing, will offer his perspective from years of experience owning, living-in and managing CO-OPS. His insight is a valuable resource for those of us thinking about investing in this model of housing. 

Join MEREDA Vice President, Shannon Richards of Hay Runner, in a virtual conversation about developing CO-OPS in Maine with Brian Eng and Andrew Reicher.

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MEREDA’s Morning Menu Breakfast Series is Sponsored by Norway Savings Bank

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