MEREDA’s Annual Real Estate Spring Conference – The Future of Housing in Maine: Opportunities and Solutions

On May 7th, the Maine Real Estate & Development Association (MEREDA) will host an exciting, informative, and solutions-based presentation for anyone living or working in Maine. Housing is reaching a critical juncture here, and MEREDA’s members are at the forefront, finding ways to respond to existing and changing housing needs, and support responsible development. Our Spring Conference will focus on understanding the various ages and demographics needing housing and their impact on developing appropriate housing stock.

“Housing is a huge issue in Maine affecting individuals, businesses, and communities, and a constant subject of discussion among MEREDA members,” says Gary Vogel, MEREDA President. “We want to be part of the solution. So we’ve decided to focus an entire conference on this issue, to bring together industry leaders to collaborate and innovate on this important topic,” continues Vogel.

Headlining the event we have Lynn Fisher. Lynn, a Resident Scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, will deliver a data rich baseline of information, encompassing national and regional trends. Martin Ditto, a Washington, D.C. developer deeply involved in the emerging national trend of Cohousing, will share success stories and his process for recognizing innovative housing solutions.

Bringing these inspiring topics home to roost are Matt O’Malia, Hannah Pingree, and Dan Brennan. Matt, a design/build innovator and principal and co-founder of GO Logic, is developing a European insulation product using paper. His product will create savings in both construction and heating, create jobs here in Maine, and take advantage of a natural product we have in abundance. Hannah, Director of the Governor’s Office of Policy and Management, will be speaking to Policy and will tell us how the state and federal government can help. Finally, Dan, with 25 years of experience at MaineHousing, will share his insight and knowledge of both policy and lending products exclusively for funding affordable housing development.

The conference format will be engaging, interactive, and conversational. There will be many opportunities for audience interface and questions. As a bonus to this year’s Spring Conference, we are offering ACCESS tickets, to a private cocktail party following the conference, where the conversations can continue in a small group setting.

The MEREDA Spring Conference will be held on May 7th from 12pm – 5pm. The next edition of the MEREDA Index will be unveiled and MEREDA will also recognize its 2018 Notable Projects Recipients at the event.

This Course has been Approved for 3.00 Hours of Broker, Appraiser, Architect & Legal Continuing Education Credits.

For more information, or to register for the conference, please click here.

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